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Technology Exchange: form for donors

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Please note: Donors are solely responsible for any shipping charges to their recipients. (Shipping a typical laptop by UPS ground within the United States will currently cost $10-$20.) We will attempt to match up donors and recipients within the same geographic location. Once a donor offers an item, we will notify them of the destination of the matched recipient, so they may calculate shipping charges before confirming donation. We regret that the SLF cannot currently afford to assist with shipping charges -- thank you again for your generosity!

Units should be in good working condition. Please specify condition and age of unit (we do not accept listing of materials more than three years old at time of offer (i.e., in 2008, we would accept a unit purchased in 2005, but not one purchased in 2004).

Computer Specs:
Please specify brand, cpu, memory, hard drive, ...
Printer Specs:
Please specify brand and model, whether it's b/w, color, inkjet/laser, etc.
Digital Camera Specs:
Please specify brand and model, megapixels, and any additional accessories (memory sticks, ...).
Estimated Value of Items (combined), for Tax Purposes: